Our bike shop is specialized in commuting-, touring- and e-bikes as well as high-quality folding bikes. In our shop you'll find an wide range of selected accessories and our premium workshop offers service and maintenance for all kinds of bicycles.



Our intent is to sell you the right bike for your purpose. In our shop you have the opportunity to test-ride all bikes. We also offer special rent and test-arrangements for our folding-bicycles for a day or a weekend - so you can be sure your new bike fits perfectly to your riding style.

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Bicycle trailers are a practical way to transport more stuff by bike. For everyday life or touring - there are a lot of smart solutions. Especially child trailers make life with children easier and they can also be used without a bicycle (e.g. for jogging or walking).

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The perfect bike needs best accessoires - for your everyday ride to work, a long distance adventure or whatever you have in mind. Our high-quality equipment makes your ride even greater.

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Our workshop is renowned for competent maintenance and repairs. We have lot of experience with extraordinary bicycle technique and the most important spare parts are always in stock. For a service please make an appointment two to three weeks in advance. Normally a service takes one day of labour, small repairs can be managed on a short term basis. Take a bit of time when you bring in the bike, because the mechanic will check and discuss the bike with you. And no, there are no package prices for services - we only charge you the labour that was actually done.

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The "Cooperative Fahrrad" was established in 1987. Today the shop employs 15 bike enthusiastic people who have many participation opportunities in the company. Together, we are dedicated to a sustainable mobility and do have an idea of bringing life to a slower pace.

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